Millard (Mark) Smithee
Residence is just North of Pinkies Liquor store, on the West side of the FM 1729.
Wood ramp is too steep, metal ramp is too narrow.  

The ramp can extend straight and needs to be 24'
Rail post are stable, width of the current ramp is 42".
Distance between the top two posts is 42".
Steps in front of the house can continued to be used.
Threshold needs to be elevated about 1 - 1 1/2 inches when/if they become wheelchair enabled.

Mid build started on February 9th, a Sunday afternoon.  Nice until 2 hours later a cold front hit...

Old posts and hand rails were too weak to be used.

Two 8' modules.

One 6' module to make the run 22'

Two full 2"x4"'s remain.

Non-skid paint applied.