Adela Santos
Location of Santos house Build scheduled for May
24th starting at 10:30 AM.
 Large landing area for a
four-foot ramp.

Phone # 765-6034
Porch will need to
accomodate a
wheel chair.
3 1/2" thresh hold
high, 4' long ramp

Ramp incline in place,
concrete screws holding
the ramp at the bottom,
top of ramp is secured with
two concrete bolts
Thresh hold is bolted into
the concrete with a
pressure treated 2"x4" and
the ramp is screwed at the
join into the 2"x4".
Ramp is 4'x7'.
All that's left is a coat of
non-skid paint to be applied
as soon as the pressure
treated plywood has time to
Thresh hold paint finished
at 6:30 PM on
Saturday, June 2nd, 2013
Work order