Charles "Chuck"  Roberts - Tuesday, November 20th - Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Chuck has spent the last 6 months at the
Garrison Geriatic Care Center.
His desire to return to his Buffalo Springs
lake house necessitated a  ramp.  

The only ADA ramp possibility was in
his garage.
His house overlooks a part of Buffalo Springs lake,
a view of the lake is visible from his house.
His house required a couple of thresholds, one
inside and one at the carport, each 3 1/2" tall.
Survey taken on November 12th.  A step-grandson
cleared the door path on the 19th.

Thanks, Bobby.
Doorways in the house are 31 1/2 inches wide,
to conserve space and materials,
I reduced the normal ramp
width from four feet to three feet.

The single car garage houses his
washer and dryer.

Materials were taken at 10 AM on Monday, 19 November
Work began that afternoon at 3 PM.
His doorway is 19 inches from the ground, the ramp had
to be 19 feet long.  I made the ramp 21 feet long - less
an incline.  Since the ramp is located inside, no pressure-
treated lumber was used (cheaper) except for the support
posts at the corner of thefirst module.
Every build is different, just like God's children.  
This build was relatively easy as the flooring was mostly level.  
Co$ts of the materials was $218.38,
tax exempt - with a few 2"x4"s
left over.
After ramp build, the outside threshold was done, it was
too dark to take pictures.  
I didn't bring the camera with flash.

The ramp deck will be painted with non-skid paint
and possibly a wall hand-rail added if he thinks he could
use is.
Work area cleaned up and access complete at
6:20 PM on Wednesday, November 21st.  

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Roberts!
Action photo with the indoor threshold
and Chuck on his new power chair.