Ramp 0001 Project
There's more to this ramp project than just a ramp - Saturday, 20 August 2011 7 PM
Landing and steps
North view of landing
Rotted posts
East view, looking west

16' ramp
August 2011
1715 90th #72
Amber Lovett is the home owner.  
1715  #72  Lubbock,  Texas  

These pictures aren't the best defined of what is there, I tried to locate the club's camera, but to no avail.  

Since I took the pictures before I contacted Amber, I didn't get too close so as not to scare her or be shot or to scare her.
1715 90th #72 I've called Amber and will do an estimate on materials before Monday, the 22nd.

She has a ferocious dog of 3 pounds.  I figure that's about 16 good-sized hot dogs for our Chinese helpers if they can make it..  
1715 90th #72  I'd like to start at 9 AM , we'll need four (4) volunteers for about 3 hours.  

Target date is Saturday, August 27th in the morning, depending on what needs to be done to secure the ramp.

I'll have more facts before the 25th's
Club meeting at noon.

Tools will be provided: I suggest you bring a good pair of work gloves, a hat of some kind, and shade if you have it.

Post-ramp-build celebration will be determined during the work session.

Map of 715 90th
Tighter shot of 1715 90th
BIG picture                                                                                                         Zoom picture