Virginia Jiminez

Virginia Jiminez residence.
Request: June 8, 2013 at 12:46.
Survey done on October 14, 2013.

Porch & threshold

Trailer with materials, locked & loaded.

Planned path for the ramp from porch to driveway.
18" from trailer.
Mid build - frame module #1 attached to the porch.

Total length of ramp will be 24', 20' will be an incline to fulfill the
17" porch height of 1' of run for every 1" of rise.


Module 1 in place, 4' module #2 attached.
Cole Hasie

Module #2 attached with four (4) 3/8" lag bolts.

Module #3, a 4'x4' flat for the transition to the 90º leg to the driveway.

Hand rails and kick board install beginning.  Plywood in place.

End of ramp with hand rail bracing and deck leveled.  Ramp complete except for non-skid paint.

Porch downward to ramp path.

End bracing for hand rail.

Ramp recipient Virginia Jiminez.

Virginia on the ramp.

Virginia Jiminez