David Hernandez                                                                      4/13/2013
Hernandez Map   Hernandez residence is
a rental property from
Pat Garrett.  Owner was
contacted and I was given
permission to put in a
handicap ramp.  I told
them I would remove the
ramp if Mr. Hernandez
moved and they would
prefer the ramp be gone.
Hernandez Duplex Corner of 35th and Peoria
Apartment A
Hernandez porch Entrance and front steps
Hernandez steps Side view of existing steps
Hernandez sidewalk Porch and steps, 17 inches
from porch to sidewalk.
turn-back ramp to be built.

Mid-build with 4' incline and 4'flat in place.

West view with Cole Hasie finishing the flat.

Reagan Beck came at 1 PM to help with the ramp work.

Ramp end is the only parts to finish, at this point 2"x4"s were needed and the ramp finish would start on Sunday at 11 AM.

Ramp complete at 12:30, cleanup and pack-up by 12:50.  Sunday work time was about 90 minutes.

Cole with resident David Hernandez.  David attempted to give Cole a 20-dollar bill.

David Hernandez was very appreciative of the work and the ramp.  Impact on the duplex and access to both apartments was minimal.

Ready to roll!