Karen Hemmingway
Hemmingway Residence owned by Meridian Properties, Maura Crawford is the contact 785-4600
4211 Boston 79413
Entry way - house is unoccupied at survey time.
Entry "step" is 5'5" high.
A 6' long ramp will be installed with hand rails.
House is unoccupied, move-in date is scheduled for August 1st.

2428 65th Street was the original residence for which the ramp was requested.  After contacting Karen, she said she would be moving to this residence.
Base unit is bolted to the house and is built out to attach the ramp deck.
Mid build - outriggers applied to the bottom side of the deck.
Deck in place, screwed down to the base. Silicone sealant was applied at the joint of base and deck.
Due to possible rain, sealant and paint was applied to the deck before the out-riggers were finished.  Since the wood work was outside of the deck, plenty of dry time was available without the deck being stepped on.
Side view of finished ramp.  Hand rails sanded.
Finished request sheet.

6:45 PM Friday, September 20th, 2013