Brenda and Maurice Harper                                    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brenda Ramp A *****************************
Brenda Harper
2719 East 8th Street
Lubbock, Texas   79403
Brenda Harper B Rise is 7 inches, ramp will use a 40"x8' sheet of plywood.
Brenda Ramp 3 Ramp started at 9 AM, left at 11:30 for lunch and another tool.
Brenda Ramp 2 Due to limitations of the entry way
 (50 inches wide), the ramp at 40" wide has about 4.5 inches on either side of the entry.  I should have made it 38" so I could straddle easier AND have space for my feet.

Brenda Ramp 1 *****************************
Ramp in place, cut out on kick board (on left) for door swing, concrete bolt at upper right.  18" from door is a support as is 18" from the end.
Brenda and Maurice Brenda on left...
                            Maurice on right...
Brenda and Mo
I'll be painting the ramp on Friday (6/15/2012) morning, unless it rains, about 9.

I'm in the picture...find me.

Added hand rails, supported by the house,
on 6/20/2012.
Stable & firm.
Out-rigger to support the left rail.
Finished.  10:28 AM on 6/20/2012
Wednesday morning.

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