Connie Grimes
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Griggs Property Management


3309 67th Street
Suite 18
Lubbock, TX 79413

Survey picture7/21/2014 at 10:10 AM

Porch with 2 steps, each 6 inches with a 3 1/2 inch threshold

Ramp run from door to empty onto driveway.  Ramp to run parallel with the sidewalk that goes out to the mailbox.

Framework to raise the porch to threshold height (- 3/4 inch for the plywood decking).

Two modules in place, one 8'x4' and one 4'x4'

Handrails started

Handrails completed, kick bars to be installed.  Caulk applied.

Outrigger for the end of the handrails, mid support of the 6' trough

Hand rails attached, kick bars for the West side to be attached.

Ramp complete with post caps and non skid paint applied.

14 hour project of a total of 21' of deck.