Maria Gomez

Rose bush will be "built around".  Ramp to come out 8' South from the door, then 3' toward the rose bush and parallel to the trailer.

Current steps will be used as they are in the ground solid.

Railing will be removed as was the one on the right.

Threshold is a bit over 4 inches.  The final transition will be about an inch high.

Good day to build (Saturday, April 24th, 2014) - cool & cloudy and in West Texas, no chance for rain despite the clouds.

The Crew


See what a couple o' three chili-cheese dogs will do?

Moisture from the sky.

Divide & conquer: two will work on decking, two will work on framing.

It must have been the tool.

Ramp is about 93% complete - rails and paint still left.  About 13 2"x4"'s short.

RAMP is usable, hand rails need support.

Susan and Maria Gomez off to an appointment

All complete - Wednesday, May 21st , 2014 - 3 PM
Rose bush: mostly intact.

This is what 50' of painted ramp looks like.