Residence - Rental property
Exit Reality

Sidewalk and steps, porch to step 1 is 5", step 2 is 4 1/2", step 3 to sidewalk is 5"    
12' ramp to flat, 3+' out to driveway & sidewalk.

Uneven landing, sidewalk tilts to the right about 3 degrees.

Steps not level, water puddles on porch in the upper-right corner.

Threshold is 1 5/8" to bottom of door.
Door is 36" wide.
Pre-build pictures above, build pictues below.

8' module complete and parallel to the sidewalk.  Break time.

4'x4' incline attached to the 4'x4' flat.  Break time.  Temp: 97°

Handrails next, flat will be 4" tall (including the ¾ ply deck)

Handrails 4/7ths complete, flat in place, right angle ramp not yet attached.

View 2 from the North East

Work resumed on Friday, August 8th
 with sidewalk and driveway ramps in place.
SOMEONE came later than someone.
That allowed someone to get a lot of work done...
with his shirt on.

Friday was cooler by not much.

Rookie painter.

Street view.

24' of deck surface area.

North-East view from yard.

1 in 12 rise

Down the ramp from the porch

Porch to ramp

Strengthing outriggers for hand rail support