Anthony Dunn - Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Sometimes, you need a small ramp to cleanse your palate of a 30-footer...

The original ramp - built by a guy I know, B.J. d'Orsay circa 1996.

The patches were varied, and "HardieBacker" isn't appropriate for outdoor application.
Dunn old 4
The replacement would be 6' x 4'.
Dunn old 5
Taking over an hour to cut into pieces, spiders, snails, rot and roaches were found, but no snakes.
The hour delay for rain didn't help, either.
Dunn old 6
A good reason to wear gloves.
Dunn old detail
Detail of the old ramp - it wasn't attached to the steps or sidewalk.

Frame work.

Painted with non-skid latex.

Front edge of plywood was protected by a "pre-ramp" made of a 2"x12" and bolted into the sidewalk.

Hand rails need support.

I'd do things different, you usally do after you've experienced more.

It'll never be this strong...

Thresh hold from house to the porch was given a coat of the non-skid paint.

That's IT.  I'm Dunn!