Saturday, February 27th, 2016  8:00 AM
Cristy Dominquez
5516 138th Street
Lot #1
Lubbock, Texas
Greg hinders from Canyon, Texas
got up REAL early to start this ramp.

The survey was for a 49' ramp in a U shape
3 - 5'x5' modules
3 - 4'x8' modules
1 - 4'x4' module
1 - 6' starter module

What was built was
2 - 5'x5' modules
3 - 4'x8' modules
1 - 10' starter module
Two of the students of the
DPT Class of 2018
Texas Tech University Health Science Center
removed the previous ramp support.
Steps were left in place and the ramp was built onto the deck and around the steps.
These 11 students were Guns Up at 8 AM.
Temp: 56f with a westerly breeze at 8 to 10 MPH

These same smiles would be evident later.
Smiles of anticipation turned into smiles of relief.
1 - 8' module in place with a 5'x5' being attached.
1 oak tree removed by Hatchet Man
All the students were introduced into Module Building 101
The work would have been completed sooner if a coupule of
10' 2"x6" PT pine hadn't worked themselves into the pile.
Greg Hinders took three students aside to build the 5'x5' modules.
Two 5'x5' modules were built as flats.
From the deck (facing South) out toward the ramp.
From the first flat toward the East, the 11 A.M. estimated completion was but a memory.

This picture was taken at 1:50 P.M.
The starter only needed hand rails.
The behind-the-scenes photo op - a couple were on to the camera.
Sun & wind burnt, the efforts of the group were appreciated.
Little blood was shed on this build and
as with the start, all eleven completed the task.

2:37 P.M.
Christy suffers from back soreness from an automibile wreck.
Her husband, David, expects her to use the ramp to walk.

She refused an offer by Gary Johnson for medicinal marijuana.
Excellent group with which to work.

For my parole officer who needed proof of my whereabouts at
2016 February 27 1437