Dorthy Blackmon

Blackmon map address
Access from the street is tight.
The build will be
straight-forward 14' ramp.

will supply the building materials.
The step is 7" and the rise above it is
5 1/2" high.  The first module will
have to be notched.  

Door threshold is pretty high.
Current ramp is 1/2" plywood
with a steep incline.
Ramp removal was easy,
A.C. took care of that while
the 4'x8' module was being

Materials pickup from Home
Depot at 8:30 AM, site arrival at
9:05 AM.

Mid-build builders included
and Gary.

Nice morning, plenty breezy.
Keefe was at site before 9,
he wins the early-bird prize.
It was his first build but is
an intelligent guy who picked
up the instructions quickly.

A.C. was willing to help in any
way so he was helpful in many
ways.  He is the caretaker of
Reagan adjusting circular saw
for a 2"x4" cut.

He had an obligation and
wasn't able to come until noon.

He picked up where Melissa
left off when she had to
leave.  This was Melissa's
third ramp build, this is Reagan's
fifth or more.
A.C. attaching support
to the out-riggers.

A.C. built the original ramp and
realized that for safety, a better
solution was needed.  He picked
up on the concepts quickly.
Melissa had a study group at
12:30 and missed the final picture.

This was the only staged picture.

The breeze helped clear sawdust
from the worksite, cutoffs were

A rail sanding and aplication
of  non-skid paint on the
deck will be done on the
It was all down-hill from this point,
All were pleased.  

The dog: not so much.

Dorthy is pretty much bed-confined.  
We got to visit with
her and she's very appreciative.  
Parting shot.  

1:30 PM

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Great thanks to TexasRamps.Org
for the materials supply for this