Dominga Berlanga - Saturday, September 22nd, 2012                      Return to Main Page
Berlanga map Two blocks South of
Reagor-Dykes Auto
Bernanga 1 Porch/entrance
Berlanga 2 Ramp comes out from the
front steps.
Berlanga 4 Front Steps: 15" high
Starting out Got a good start on
Saturday, September 22, 2012
by 9 A.M.
Mid-Build Left to right:
Melissa Vo, Brett Coons
and Jon Spurgeon
on the ramp.
Almost finished Almost finished
Lower ramp brace right Upper hand rail needed
strength, added angle
upper ramp brace (left)     Top ramp hand rail bracing
(opposite side)
Dominga with builders   Greg & Michelle
had just left.
Jon, Brett, Dominga
and Melissa
Dominga Berlanga
Xaiden Xaiden was the only paid
worker earning a dollar for
cleaning up after me and
assisting with screws for
reinforcement in some
Survey, volunteer list and
completion time.