LaNell Adams

Current  ramp is too steep to be useful.

Steps to the threshold are 17" total height.

Ramp mid-build with old ramp removed.   Framing complete, decking starting.
Left to right: Billy, Paul and Missy

Decking complete, rails left to finish.

Billy cleaning up and reducing the old ramp to managable pieces to place in the dumpster.

LaNell Adams test-driving the ramp and having no problems transversing up or down.
LaNell Adams.

From the door down to the flat, 8 foot incline.

Ramp contained in the carport.

To conserve carport space and keep LaNell covered during rain, the ramp has a U-turn within an 8-foot space.

Finished ramp at 2 PM on Friday, October 18th, 2013

Ramp Request via TexasRamps.Org